Ignite Christian Service (ICS)

Strategic Christian ministry model for the benefits of vulnerable children, learners, communities and societies!

At the heart of the Christian Faith is: “Love” - For God, for others and for self.

ICS Leaflet ICS Memorandum (1)

WOTA believes that every child deserves a future and every child is designed by God to be a leader. We give children a healthy start in life, opportunity to see inward God given abilities or talents being ignited and to develop connections with others in serving global development agenda which start at family level.

Behind every basic social structure, system or process that has been affected by human sin, there are people who have the capacity to move these institutions to greater heights in the delivery of services. The ability to do good works has been largely overwhelmed by selfish ambitions that makes life about “me” rather than serving for the benefits of others and national development pursuits.

On the 3rd of January 2018, WOTA was granted permission to partner and complement the Government of Zambia’s efforts through the Ministry of General Education in ensuring Quality Education Service provision. With this in mind children from a tender age to 24 years are basically locked up in a class room set up preparing for service in the family, community, societies and nations at large.

In this case, WOTA is strategically placed to reach out and serve children from 0 to 24 years of age while in schools as we address issues affecting communities where children come from. Zambia like any other nation in Africa has been affected by HIV; hence we have designed interventions to help learners integrate behavior change communication into all aspect as we complement Zambia’s response to HIV.

Currently, WOTA has established viable ministries models to reach learners at primary schools, secondary school levels and an active unique ministry reaching students in higher institutions of learning, colleges/universities known as Passion Frontiers (PF).

Before we consider interventions available to both ensuring quality education provision and curb the acceleration of HIV in affecting learners especially the girl child in schools, let us observe the following facts on HIV;

Populations most affected by HIV in Zambia.

WOTA through the ICS clubs now being instituted in every schools/communities and its viable leadership structure known as CTAM (Clubber Team Action Members} shall provide human resources needed to reach and educate every community where government and community schools exist in the country. For example North Western province of Zambia alone in a pilot phase is estimated to have 18 000 individuals serving on CTAM in every school and community. We have a team on the ground setting up CTAM leadership structures in every school/community to help collect data on key affected populations to enable better understanding towards efforts to curb the Zambia HIV epidemic, protection of girl child and offer hope to every community.

WOTA has designed two strategic paths in providing interventions to bless learners namely:

1. Educational Path

2. Community Path.

1. Educational Path - Strategic Interventions Programmes Areas

  • Leadership, Management and Supervision
  • Teachers Preparedness
  • Supporting Learners


To provide partnership in complementing efforts for quality and equitable education services through independent community effective leadership in puts .


To see province (s) with literate, innovative, assertive and competitive learners.


Uncompromised Commitment, Discipline, Positive attitude, Time management, Truthfulness and Hard work.

With the above three programmes areas , WOTA hope to complement Provincial Education Office (s) ‘ efforts to enhance learning achievement , accelerating comprehension sexuality and improving health education in schools. Here below are activities to be conducted in schools to compliment the Ministry’s efforts in ensuring Quality Education Service provision. Providing Community Christian assistance to deal with issues or factors contributing to poor performances in learning institutions.

1. Activities to be conducted under – Leadership, Management and Supervision Providing educational and ups killing interventions to class room teachers and those in school management position helping them appreciate that now is time to fulfill purpose in life through one’s career – “My Career Becomes The Cause”.

  • Conduct innovation , motivating servant-leadership, management training workshop at district ,zone and school levels in the province.
  • Assist in providing professional capacity among staff members in leadership positions to execute functions and responsibilities.
  • Conducting activities that will enhance moralities and values among teachers fraternity for an exemplary role model to learners.
  • Strengthening monitoring quality efforts at the province, the districts and the schools levels to improve educational delivery to learners.

2. Activities to be conducted under – Teachers Preparedness

  • Conduct activities that will improve teachers preparedness by linking CPD interventions to curriculum implementation.
  • Conduct supportive activities that will help upgrade teachers pedagogical and other technical skills.
  • Conducting incentive schemes to encourage performance driven professional development.
  • Facilitate and hold lesson contests.

3. Activities to be conducted under - Learners Support

  • To improve infrastructure in schools to enable Children With Special Educational Needs (CSEN) access Quality education provision.
  • To assist where necessary with infrastructure development for accessibility of Quality education provision such as laboratories, Guidance & Counseling facilities etc..
  • To stem the exodus of girls from school due to pregnancies and lack of financial support
  • To established School based Clubs (ICS Club) in schools focusing on academic, spiritual and sports development of learners. ICS Club at the heart of this Christian initiative in education will help inculcate appreciation of Christian thinking and the reality of the Christian Faith. This intervention to learners is geared towards peer educational learning and gently ushering learners in the world of ideas and innovations. Learners shall have an opportunity to choose between right and wrong in light of biblical truth especially as we are facing with the challenge of sexuality such life skills will be readily available through intentional guided peer education platform at ICS Club in every school.
  • Ignite Christian Service (ICS) Clubs will meet once per week on school grounds for the purpose of enabling learners to discover (or ignite) their God given talents and abilities as they learn the Scriptural (or Christian) basis for successful living and learning in a lifetime of worship (or service to others) as unto the Lord. Club time will be a time of learning and encouragement in a fun filled atmosphere where each individual has equal worth and status. The purpose of these meetings will be to help children frow into young men and women who will stand for God in all the daily challenges of life for the rest of their lives. An individual learner enrolled in this program can be referred to as a “Clubber”.

    *NOTE: “The main objective of ICS Clubs is to provide a place for a shared vision between learners and their learning.” (*Barry Ilunga Sr. –March 2019)

    The aim of the club shall be promoting acquisition of appropriate knowledge, awareness, life skills, attitudes, and values to enable the members avoid or protect themselves from infections of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), teenage pregnancies and child marriages and sexual abuse; to provide care and support to one another of illnesses and challenging conditions, and to provide appropriate outreach service to other young people outside their school.

    Our Name,”ICS” - This is the name we have given to our initiative. It says much about our focus and purpose in coming along side teachers and learners to help them discover truths that prayerfully will lead them to glorify God through a Christian world view that honors Him through service to others.

  • The Letter “I” – this letter stands foe ignite. We hope to ignite a sense of direction that God has placed deep within each one of us that will guide us through life with a purpose centered on him and not our own worldly interests.
  • The Letter “C” – This letter stands for Christian. We the people of Zambia are blessed to be known as a Christian nation and are not ashamed to honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by living a life in obedience to His commands.
  • The Letter “S” - This letter stands for Service. As we seek to follow our lord’s commands, we must fix our eyes upon Him, turning away from our own selfish interests and embracing service to others as our new purpose in utilizing the talents, gifts, and abilities he has given us.

  • The objectives of the Club shall be to:

    i) Gently usher learners to realize for themselves the foundation for Christian thinking and the reality of the Christian faith through education and community.

    ii) Create an atmosphere of learning whereby psychological life skills can be developed to enable clubbers to deal with challenging issues in everyday life in the following (but not limited to these) aspects:

    a. Critical and creative thinking.
    b. Self-awareness and importance of community.
    c. Listening.
    d. Sharing in community.
    e. Discovering value.
    f. Patience.
    g. Discernment.
    h. Stewardship.
    i. Interdependence.
    j. Goal-setting.
    k. Responsibility.
    l. Perspective.
    m. Influence.
    n. Motivation.
    o. Resolve.
    p. Passion.
    q. Self-value.
    r. Faith.
    s. Thinking through processes.
    t. Interpersonal relationships.
    u. Effective communication coping with Emotions/stress. Empathy. Decision making/probe solving.

    iii) Build awareness for clubbers about common communicable non –communicable diseases including HIV and AIDS, cholera, malaria, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, and so on. iv) Help learners develop knowledge, skills, values and positive attitudes towards keeping safe and healthy in the following aspects:

    • Human physical and personality development.
    • Sexual behavior and reproductive health.
    • Sanitation and hygiene.
    • Child abuse.
    • Drug and substance abuse.
    • Gender- based violence.
    • Environment management and care.
    • Corruption.
    • Human rights.
    • Citizenship.
    • Creates awareness in the members about morality and religion, culture, society,entrepreurship and careers in general as part of life and living.
    • Help members develop knowledge, positive attitudes and values in promoting and exercising patriotic, compassionate and democratic leadership and good governance practice.
    • Advocate for the enjoyment and protection of child rights and responsibilities.

    v) We hope during ICS Clubs activities to inculcate in the lives of learners Values such as:

    a) Respect for self.
    b) Respect for God.
    c) Respect for others.
    d) Self-identity and acceptance.
    e) Freedom.
    f) Consequence for our actions and opportunities to use what we have.
    g) Truth.
    h) Influence.
    i) Purpose.
    j) Unity.
    k) Empowerment.
    l) Peace. Community.
    m) Teamwork.
    n) Boundaries.
    o) Healthy perceptions.
    p) Pursue truth.
    q) Celebrate unity and diversity.
    r) Overcome challenges.
    s) Not give up.
    t) Fight apathy and complacency with passion.
    u) The value of commitment and follow-through.
    v) Work.
    w) Learning how to commit to our choices.
    x) Discernment.
    y) Self-confidence.

    ICS Club Programs – The Club shall pursue (but not be limited to) the following programs:

    • Regular Ordinary and Extra – Ordinary meeting in accordance to the Constitution and its demands
    • Psychosocial life skills, HIV/AIDS, gender and sexuality Education
    • Youth friendly community – based outreach services and projects
    • Vocational or bursary programs
    • Training and support programs
    • Stakeholders in relevant skills
    • Behavioral change communication (BCC) programs to reduce pregnancies and dropout rates due to pregnancies
    • Sanitation and Hygiene support services
    • Fundraising or income – generating activities
    • Any other activities incidental to the Objectives of the Club.

    The Clubbers’ Team Action Members (CTAM) – The club shall have organized leadership structures appointed by WOTA with the help of local school administrators that help to run the club on a daily basis until it winds up. The following may be organizational structure to be in place:

    • ICS Club leadership shall be composed of members from teaching staff at the school to give educational assistance and patronage to pupils. Learners themselves shall be members of the leadership team serving together with elderly members as emerging leaders in society. Members of the community will also serve to give parental guidance.
    • The CTAM shall play a major role to identify orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) plus children with Special Educational Needs in local community who are out of school for lack of support from community or guardians for WOTA further action.
    • The CTAM main role shall be to give guidance to the clubbers and liaise with the school Administration on matters relating to the running of the Club. Functions of the CTAM shall be:

    • To implement the programs and activity of the Club.
    • To coordinate sub-committees and ad hoc committees
    • To convene the general meeting of the members.
    • To represent the general membership to WOTA office

    The Structure of the CTAM shall be:

    1. Chairperson
    • To Chair the deliberations of the committee meetings
    • To provide overall supervision of the executive committee and sub committees.

    • To provide overall supervision of the executive committee and sub –committees
    • To be the spokesperson for the Club
    • To represent the Club at other forums.

    2. Vice Chairperson
    • To perform functions of the chairperson in his or her absence
    • To coordinate standing sub-committees and ad hoc committees
    • Person any other duties as assigned by the chairperson

    3. Secretary
    • To keep records of all deliberations of the executive committee and general meetings.
    • To prepare minutes and reports on the programs and activities of the Club
    • To convene or call meeting of the executive committee and general meeting of the club in consultation with the chairperson
    • To undertake publicity work of the Club.

    4. Vice Secretary
    • To perform the functions of the Secretary in his or her absence
    • To coordinate activities of the Club, sub-committees and ad hoc committees
    • To obtain reports from chairpersons of sub-committees and ad hoc committees for consolidation and records for the attention of the Secretary.

    5. Treasurer
    • To maintain financial records of the Club
    • Supervision fundraising or income – generating ventures of the club
    • To produce and present financial reports of the Club

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