Ignite Christian Service (ICS)

Human Resources Remain A Serious Impediment To Address Hiv In Zambia.

WOTA through the ICS clubs now being instituted in every schools/communities and its viable leadership structure known as CTAM (Clubber Team Action Members} shall provide human resources needed to reach and educate every community where government and community schools exist in the country. For example North Western province of Zambia alone in a pilot phase is estimated to have 18 000 individuals serving on CTAM in every school and community. We have a team on the ground setting up CTAM leadership structures in every school/community to help collect data on key affected populations to enable better understanding towards efforts to curb the Zambia HIV epidemic, protection of girl child and offer hope to every community.

WOTA has designed two strategic paths in providing interventions to bless learners namely: 1. Educational Path and 2. Community Path.

1. Educational Path - Strategic Interventions Programmes Areas

  • Leadership, Management and Supervision
  • Teachers Preparedness
  • Supporting Learners
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