Community Path

We believe that education is a tool to enhance the realization of people’s full potential and community that values education for children participate in that process as well as supporting local school education system.

In view of the need for improving learners performance , accelerating comprehension sexuality and improving health education in schools and communities.

WOTA through the CTAM in every school and communities around school is and will be seeking the participation of gatekeepers in communities such as Civic leaders, Royal highness, group leaders at different levels in communities and churches to stand with local schools in capacity building for learners for the benefit of Society.

WOTA has design three (3) Interventions program areas to combat the problems teachers and learners in schools and their local communities faces including HIV/ AIDS and their related diseases and conditions , providing them with appropriate knowledge, Biblical skills , attitudes and values to make informed decisions as well as to act responsible through change of behaviour both individually and together as a community.

Sensitizing and mobilizing communities to come along in dealing with the challenges of child led homes which is increasing in some communities , support of orphans including learning challenges for CSEN (Children with Special Education Needs) and to stem the exodus of girls from school due to pregnancies , early marriages and lack of financial support from parents/ guardians.

Here are three area of program interventions in the communities.
1. Activities (Area 1):

Increasing Enrollment Rates Especially For Girls.

* We shall target the discrepancy that exisits due to a variety of complex and overlapping factors. Zambia society and culture is extremely patriarchal , limiting the power of women in relationships. Women experience gender-based violence (GBV) and often not in control of their sexual and reproductive health (SRH). Sentizing on increasing enrollment for girl child in primary and secondary schools will eventually result to decrease drop-out rates and to increase competence of labour forces with particular focus on girls and women.

2. Activities (Area 2):

Community Education and Sensitization as an OVC care and Support Strategy.

Just as much we appreciate the fact that it is a taboo to talk about death / succession planning in the African context, in view of the happenings that now has led to child led homes in communities, we are developing a biblical strategy to encourage succession planning and find better ways to support it.

Above 16 years old girl is an orphan who is a learner In grade 11. She is also taking care of her young sister who is 11 years old a learner in grade 3. The three baby boys are three plets born of a 16 years old girl. This is as a result of high sexuality in villages/ communities. You can only imagine how this two girls exchange in babysitting in order to go to school. What about food? This is a child led home. God help us.

* Hence, Community Education and sensitization can and do enhance child protection , beyond OVC. Without efforts to encourage, many children could end up on their own. This is reason that now we have child led homes in some communities on the increase.

3. Activities (Area 3):

WOTA Dissolving her self in the communities around schools in fulfilling Biblical Mandate and Calling to be “Salt of the earth and Light of the world “.

* be an agent of change in developmental issues
* be an agent of change in spiritual formation
* be an agent of change in supporting community aspirations and development agenda under God.