Erecting Bridges To Facilitate Development

WOTA has been an agent of development in Lufwanyama district and Chingola town respectively.
Mibende bridge built by WOTA in Lufwanyama rural area at mibende stream going to the Health Centre provided by WOTA for the benefits of the rural communities across.

It allows easy passage for livestock, vehicles, and pedestrians. We can only testify that through WOTA initiative of building and putting in place Mibende bridge in the rural Lufwanyama community that community have been transformed by the Mibende bridge that straddles the villages divided by a water in a stream.

In the town of Chingola WOTA initiative in building and putting up the Bridge Of Hope across Chingola stream next to Zambia States Insurance Complex open a way for development in Chingola Central since it was built in 2006 by WOTA through her partners from United Kingdom.
Mibende Bridge